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20-5,Jyosai cho, Ota City, Gunma,373-0038

Website www.kaller.com
Email hideo.yoshino@kaller.com
Phone number +81-90-3505-2730
FAX +81-276-32-3106
PR message Kaller is a world biggest gas spring manufacturer with head quarter located in Sweden. We always focus on the safety. And it is recognized by users all of the world. We are introducing our safety features in the booth. Please come and see our booth.
The Main Item KALLER Gas springs, Controllable gas spring, Flex cam

The name of Item[1] KALLER Controllable gas spring, KF2 series
Details[1] This is a contorollable gas spring, locked at the bottom position, not possible with standard gas springs. The cotroll of lock and unlock is done by air signal from press machine. There are 4 kinds of force from1.5 tons to 7.5 tons, stroke length are settled every 1mm in the range of 10-160mm. There are some application examples like prevent from deformation, improvement of quality on the panel, and opreration reduction. We are exhibiting demo-equipment. Please see and recognize the motion.

The name of Item[2] KALLER Gas spring CX series
Details[2] CX series are most compact and strong force gas spring series in our line up.Cylinder diameters are 32,38,50 and maximum stroke length is 80mm.
Maximum frequency is SPM200. Those are mainly used in progress dies.

The name of Item[3] KALLER Gas spring TX series
Details[3] The most powerful and logest stroke series in our line up. Maximum initial force of 20 tons and maximum stroke legth of 300mm. And our original
"Flex guide" is installed which can be correspnded to a bit of side forces.

The name of Item[4] KALLER FLEX CAM
Details[4] This is a cam unit driven by hydraulic force. It can be mounted any place even it is very difficult for mechanical cam unit to install. It has an accumulator as a safety function. When, by accident, the cam is blocked, oil can be accumulated to accumulator to avoid the rupture of hose, or breakdown of the cam. There are 5 models from 1.5 tons to 15 tons, and maximum stroke length 150mm are available.

The name of Item[5] KALLER Mold Temp Gas spring, MT Series
Details[5] Our standard gas springs are with Maximum pressure of 80 degrees. But these MT series are maximum 120 degrees. You can use in the injection mold which is worried about the temperature increase.

The name of Item[6] KALLER Heavy Duty Protection HDP Series
Details[6] This is the piston rod protection used only for KALLER gas springs. Recently, gas springs are positively used in hot stamping dies, which has very hard environment compared with press dies. Also it influence to the life time of gas springs. By using this protection, the life time of gas spring will be double compared to without protection.

The name of Item[7] KALLER Short total length gas spring TL series
Details[7] Compared to our basic type (TU), TL are 25-50mm shorter(depending on the size). Initial force of 7,500-75,000N, and maximum stroke length is 250mm. It is useful when TU size can not installed in specified shut height.

The name of Item[8] KALLER Gas spring XG series
Details[8] Powerful and short height gas springs. This is current main stream of gas springs. Initial force of 1,700N-95,000N, maximum stroke length is 125mm. Many Japanese automotive companies specify in their standards.

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